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Proposed Disposal Of Properties To Eminent Ace sdn bhd And Sazean Development Sdn Bhd ("Proposed Disposals")

BackJul 18, 2007
We refer to letter dated 17 July 2007 from Bursa Malaysia in relation to the Proposed Disposal.

Malaysia Building Society Berhad wish to furnish Bursa Malaysia the additional information for public release as per the attachment.
letter for BURSA -180707.doc

This announcement dated 18 July 2007.

Query Letter content :

We refer to your announcements dated 12 July 2007 and 13 July 2007 in respect
of the aforesaid Proposed Disposals.

In this connection, kindly furnish Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("Bursa
Securities") with the following additional information for public release:
Original date and cost of investment of the properties.
Effect of the Proposed Disposals on gearing.
Details of encumbrances on the properties.
Method of valuation of the properties.
Whether the net book value of the properties are based on audited accounts.
Particulars of all liabilities to be assumed by the purchasers.
Whether the Proposed Disposals are subject to shareholders' approval.
Breakdown of the proposed utilisation of proceeds.
Estimated timeframe for completion.
Land area of the properties.

11. Terms of tenure, if leasehold, the expiry dates of the lease.
12. Existing use of the properties
Please furnish Bursa Securities with your reply within one (1) market day from
the date hereof.
Yours faithfully

Listing Division
Group Regulation
Copy to: Securities Commission (via fax) (Attention: Mr Chung Tin Fah)